Hamid Kootval grew up in London, went to university for architecture and started his career as an architect, which brought him to the United States in 1990.

He continued on this career path for the next couple of decades in Chicago and then eventually to South Florida. He was introduced to photography merely as a hobby and soon after, he decided to pursue it as a profession.

Since then, he has been dedicated to honing his skills, initially working with various modeling agencies in Miami. His editorial and fashion work has appeared in various publications including Ocean Drive magazine,Opulence magazine and Aeroflot Style magazine.

His freelance work completes a diverse portfolio consisting of private events for clients, Architectural interiors, fashion look books and catalogs, corporate headshots, portraits as well as shooting and editing video content.

He travels between Miami, London and LA to service his corporate and commercial clients.

He has since worked with many of the well known Miami based modeling agencies enhancing their model portfolios. In addition he has published in several magazines such as Aeroflot Style for editorials and commercials.

He travels between London, Miami and LA to service his corporate and commercial clients.

PH (773)- 968 4800